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South-Sakhalin's municipal Literary-artistic museum of Chekhov's books "Isle Sakhalin"

A.P. ChekhovTelephone : 42-3349

Address : 693020, Sakhalin Island, the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Kurilskaya, 42

Getting there : From the airport to the railway station of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, from the railway station to the Sakhalin's regional library, from the library to to the museum, walking down Kurilskaya street.

Hours : Every day from 11.00 to 18.00, except Sunday and Monday

e-mail :

Foundation date - 29.09.1994

The book "Sakhalin Island" by Chekhov is the most complete "encyclopedia" of Sakhalin of XIX century. In describing the book, the museum reveals the history of the region : from the foundation of prisons of tsar's Russia, shown by one of the greatest classic writers. Chekhov's arrival to Sakhalin, his contribution to the history of the province are the matter of pride of Sakhalin's people.

Building :
A small two-storeyed museum's building creates the image of a beautiful and comfortable cabins. The house is decorated with different wooden balconies on the first and second floors.

Founder : Miromanov Georgy Ilyich (1935-1992)

Major tours :
Sightseeing tour of the museum
World of the Book "Sakhalin Island"

Key officials :
Director : Tsupenkova Inga manager, tel. 43-3383
Sub. Director of Academic Affairs : Morozov Evgeny Olegovich, tel. 42-3349
Chief exhibits keeper: Ovchinnikov Vera Vasilyevna, tel. 42-3349
Manager of the Scientific Division : Mengadieva Zulfiya Sayfullovna, tel. 42-3349

Telephone of the Management :

Address of the Management :
693,020, Sakhalin Island, Youshno-Sakhalinsk, Kurilskaya, 42

Budget status : Municipal

Lawful Form : a non-profit institution

Type of organization : Cultural, Study

Classification organization :
Historical, Literary, Artistic

Area organizations :
exhibition area 12m2
temporary exhibitions 36m2
depository 36m2
Park's area 0,05 hectare

Number of employees : 19, including 5 academic

Average visitors per year : 2400

The partners :
Sakhalin's state history museum
Open Museum Association (OMA)
Sakhalin's State University

Storage Units : 10,718, from which 1898 exhibits are from the main fund.

The most valuable collections (unique) :
Collection of household items XX century of Chekhov's family . Transmitted to the Museum by V.YA. Chehova (S.M. Chekhov's (nephew of A.P. Chekhov) wife)
Collection of rare books on Sakhalin
The book "Island of Sakhalin" by Chekhov 1913-1916.
Collection of household items of settlers on Sakhalin in XIX century.
A collection of photographs of productions of Chekhov's plays in Japanese theatres

Publications issued by the organization :
Materials annual Chekhov's readings, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

A higher organization:
The Office of Culture and Tourism Administration of the City of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

The best stories:
The Cherry Orchard
Lady with Lapdog
Uncle Vanya
Ward Six
Death of a Government Clerk
The Steppe




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