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Chekhov's museum in Badenveyler (Germany)

Memorial tablet in BadenveylerIn Badenveyler Chekhov held the last month of his life, and died July 15 1904. In August 1998 has opened the only Chekhov's museum in the Western world. The museum has been named Chekhov's salon. There are annually author's readings, discussions, creative writers from different countries meetings, a theatrical presentations, in the museum

On the fifth of June 1904 Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and his wife arrived to Berlin. Here are his first and unchanged impressions of Germany : the clarity and honesty, cheap living, managerial and purity, excellent bread, butter, beer, lamb and oatmeal - and equally the absence of style in clothes German ladies. "Everyone's health is great", so he wrote a few days later in Badenveyler -  beautiful and calm resort in Shvarzcval, exactly halfway between the German Freyburgom (Frayburgom) and the Swiss Basel.

Two Chekhov's last letters dated June 28, 1904: caught unawares by the hot weather, Chekhov complains of his raised temperature and of his short breath, and of his stomach, and of Badenveyler ( "What a boring German resort !.."), and, as usual, "There is no any styled clothes on the German women, it's very boring"

He didn't write any more letter from here. At 3:00 am July 15, 1904, weakened by the sudden onslaught of their disease (headed by tuberculosis), he drank a champagne, with the words : "Ich sterbe ..." - Chekhov died.

"Chekhov's salon in Badenveyler"

Chekhov's saloon was opened in 1998.

It continues the tradition of literary salons of the 19th century as a centre for spiritual experiences, knowledge and discoveries in the field of culture. Each division has its own "museum" tells their story.

On the verge of the century, about one in 1900, Russia and Germany were closely linked not only by the dynasty, but also cultural, economic ties. Approximately 10% of all visitors thermal spa Badenveyler were citizens of the Russian Empire. And in 1904 a seriously ill Chekhov also come here, where he died a few weeks of pulmonary disease, which has already suffered more than twenty years.

After 4 years after his death, fans and friends of the Russians talent writer, including the famous Moscow Art Theatre director Konstantin Stanislavsky, erected a monument in Badenveyler, devoted to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov - the first monument to the great writer. This was also the first monument to Russian man away from the home. At the time, cosmopolitanism love for the arts, tolerance wins steadily growing nationalist arrogance Wilhelm's empire. Even a few days before drums guns. World War I monument Chekhov witnessed the German holiday of friendship, peace and memories. But later, the world culture "old" Europe in the West and the East is in distress. And it is suffering and Chekhov's monument, which sent down for the war effort.

For many years Chekhov and his creativity prey to political rival forces. Only since 1954, in Badenveyler remember their lost literary tradition and at the height of the cold war are taking steps towards reconciliation with the recent military opponent of the Soviet Union in an effort to restore the memory of the Russian people AP writer Says.

Further renaissance in the history of Chekhov's Badenveyler combines numerous activities aimed at paving the way for its unique "defuse" between East and West, despite the obstacles often encountered in international politics.

And Badenveyler remained favourable, as Chekhov, starting with the 1960s, much has been done is a playwright whose plays were performed at most German scenes. Car rental Alicate alicante Car rental.

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